Leadership & Board of Directors

Hillside Food Outreach Staff

Kathleen Purdy, Executive Director

Kathleen conceived of the program in honor of her late grandmother – whose kindness and lifelong charity prompted Kathy’s desire to help others. In Kathy’s words…

“Well into her 80s, my grandmother certainly had sufficient resources to live comfortably, but appeared to be struggling regardless. I investigated and learned that – in the senior citizens building where she was living at the time – my grandmother was sharing her food and supplies with neighbors who couldn’t “make ends meet” with only a social security check as income. With what remained, after rent and utilities had been paid, these seniors were left having to choose between medicine and food. There simply wasn’t enough for both.

It didn’t seem right to have my grandmother continue bearing this burden, so I coordinated an arrangement that would get food assistance to all of the 20 elderly neighbors whom she had been feeding.”

Kathleen never thought that this would be the course her life took but, she feels extremely blessed that this is what she gets to do with her life – to continue her Grandmother’s legacy of caring for those in need.

She was born and lived in Westchester for most of her life and currently resides in Connecticut.  Kathleen is the proud mom of 3 grown children, 8 beautiful grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

Anna LaRochelle, Associate Director

Robert Yeranossian – Warehouse Manager

Jim Gallagher – Warehouse Inventory

Board of Directors

Selly Vazquez, President

Amy Gonch, Treasurer

Christina Wong, Secretary

Michele Nekos, Trustee

James Riina – Trustee

Kathleen Purdy, HFO Founder/Trustee