What We Do

  1. Deliver food on a monthly basis to housebound people living at or below the poverty level in Putnam and Westchester Counties (NY) and Western Connecticut
    At present, we deliver to 2,100 individuals each month.
  2. Create monthly food bags containing wholesome and appealing foods (i.e., fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, whole grains, and other staples) for all HFO clients.
  3. Accommodate the needs of clients with nutrition-influenced illnesses (e.g., diabetes, hypertension, gluten allergies, obesity, etc.) with the delivery of special food bags and educational materials.
  4. Maintain a strong and consistent body of volunteers to deliver groceries and to spend quality time with housebound clientele.
  5. Train HFO volunteers to pay special attention to the nutritional, medical, and emotional needs of their clients, as well as to take note of any indications of danger or abuse.
  6. Promote community engagement with youth as they participate in monthly “Packing Nights” at our warehouse.

Or see our brochure here Hillsode Food Outreach Brochure