Staff & Volunteers

Our Staff

The HFO has only 4 Staff members.

Our Executive Director/Founder, Kathleen Purdy, works for the HFO on a full time basis. She is in charge of all aspects of the Outreach, from client intake to coordinating volunteers, the ordering of the food and overseeing donations to running the Galas and Fundraising events that the HFO holds annually. She can be reached at The Outreach also employees a part-time Bookkeeper and also 2 warehouse workers to oversee the 3 warehouses the HFO maintains.

Our Volunteers

HFO maintains a core team of over 350 delivery volunteers to deliver groceries and spend quality time with emotionally or physically isolated clientele. As volunteers cycle out, new volunteers come onboard and receive training that covers basic administrative information and cultural sensitivity, as well as recognizing signs of emotional or physical need in their clients.

Youth Volunteers

HFO encourages young people to give back to their community by hosting monthly “Packing Nights.” Local school groups, youth groups, and community organizations (usually 60-80 kids at a time) volunteer to pack our countless grocery bags on a monthly rotation. Prior to the “packing frenzy,” students receive a brief training, which introduces them to the concepts of civic responsibility, youth philanthropy and the importance of community engagement. Our Youth Pack Night coordinator for Westchester County can be reached at For Putnam County, our Youth Pack Night coordinator can be reached at

. For Connecticut our Youth Pack Coordinator can be reached at

We reinforce their volunteer efforts and encourage all of these young people to continue getting involved – to make a difference in their world by helping those in need. Through their experience with Hillside Food Outreach, each and every one of these young people has an opportunity to experience a very “real-world” example of giving back.